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Speech Therapy Services

At Amplify Speech Therapy, your goals are our highest priority. Our treatment approaches implement evidence based practices and the latest research.

aphasia therapy for language disorder

Aphasia Treatment

A language disorder (including reading and writing) can be caused by stroke, brain tumor, dementia or other neurological conditions. With a combination of rehabilitating language, developing strategies and identifying supports we can maximize communication success. Language is how we connect to our loved ones and the world around us. 

speech therapy for slurred speech, apraxia or dysarthria

Dysarthria and Apraxia

Dysarthria and apraxia result in decreased clarity of speech. Both conditions improve with practice and strategies that improve speech clarity.

voice therapy for VCD, hoarse voice, parkinson's voice therapy

Voice Therapy

Dysphonia is the medical term for disorders of the voice. LSVT LOUD is an intensive voice program originally developed for Parkinson’s treatment but has been found to be effective for other conditions.

Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is another condition that responds well to speech therapy.

dysphagia therapy for swallowing difficulties, trismus

Swallow Therapy

Amplify speech therapy knows how important shared meals are to our social well being and family unit. 

Some swallow problems can be mitigated with strategies and swallow techniques. Some people who have chronic or more severe dysphagia will benefit from a more intensive rehabilitation program, such as MDTP.  See if you are a candidate.

cognitive therapy, speech therapy for dementia

Cognitve Therapy

Rehabilitation of cognitive domains, such as memory, attention or problem solving after a major event such as head injury.

Speech Therapy also works to preserve and maximize independence for progressive conditions, such as dementia. 

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