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Speech Therapy Services

Amplify recognizes that if you are seeking speech therapy, you are likely experiencing a hardship.

Your goals don't have to be placed on hold while your name is added to a waitlist.

Want to talk to a human? The Speech Pathologist will get back to you in 48 hours. 

Better yet, book a complimentary video meeting that fits your schedule

aphasia therapy

Aphasia Treatment

Language is how we connect to our loved ones and the world around us.  When a stroke, brain tumor, dementia or other neurological conditions cause a language disorder (including reading and writing), that human connection is impacted. 

Speech therapy for aphasia combines rehabilitation techniques, strategies to overcome barriers and supports to maximize communication success. More info on aphasia can be found here.

Do you know about Eugene's Aphasia Group starting in June? Sign up for this free service. 

therapy for slurred speech or verbal apraxia

Dysarthria and Apraxia

Clear, precise speech is confidence.

Conditions such as dysarthria and apraxia result in decreased clarity of speech. Both conditions can improve with practice and strategies that improve speech clarity.

voice therapy for Parkinsons

Voice Therapy

Dysphonia, the medical term for disorders of the voice, encompasses a range of voice issues. SPEAK OUT! and LSVT LOUD are Parkinson's specific voice programs that are extremely impactful and research based with positive outcomes for voice, speech clarity and swallowing. 

Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is another condition that responds well to speech therapy.

swallow therapy for dysphagia

Swallow Therapy

Amplify speech therapy knows how important shared meals are to our social well being and family unit. 

Some swallow problems can be mitigated with strategies and swallow techniques. Some people who have chronic or more severe dysphagia will benefit from a more intensive rehabilitation program, such as MDTP.  See if you are a candidate.

cognitive therapy

Cognitve Therapy

Boost your cognitive performance with speech therapy. Cognitive therapy offers rehabilitation, training and support in memory, attention, problem solving and other crucial cognitive functions essential for communication and everyday success.


Speech Therapy also works to preserve and maximize independence for progressive conditions, such as dementia. Learn more about Amplify's cognitive services that are tailored to each individual's needs

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