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Speech Language Pathologists are uniquely trained to provide cognitive and communication services. With a commitment to ongoing education and community outreach, Amplify has developed programs to promote brain health. Take advantage of these services offering unique approaches to address challenges in cognition and communication. 

dementia consulting

Dementia Consulting

Embarking on this journey with us means receiving compassionate guidance through cognitive testing and dementia staging. Our goal is to understand your unique story and offer a supportive hand to navigate life with dementia. Our visits are opportunities to troubleshoot challenges, and find the right supports for each individual and family. United, we focus on empowering you as you navigate the ever changing effects of living with dementia. 

speech therapy dementia consultation

Examples of Support with Informed Dementia Staging

  • Stay active with assistance or training in managing calendar (digital or paper), setting reminders, incorporating healthy physical and mental habits into daily routines

  • Medication management recommendations 

  • Analyze current routines & establish new ones to optimize independence in performing daily tasks

  • Stay socially connected by bridging the gap of technology to connect with loved ones

cogntive consulting
cognitive consulting for memory, longevity

Cognitive Consulting

Whether you're facing cognitive concerns or simply aiming to enhance your brain health, Amplify's cognitive training services cater to all. We will collaborate to develop personalized strategies to optimize your daily performance, focusing on attention, memory, mental flexibility and more. Before the end, we will create a home program to keep your brain challenged and active for longevity. Our goal is to help you preserve your brain health and stay actively engaged in life!

Lectures & Workshops

Elevate your knowledge on the aging brain and latest research recommendations to preserve and enhance cognition. Learn evidence-based strategies for memory and, in workshops, get hands-on training for implementing effective memory tools. Invest in your cognitive health today for a lifetime.

See upcoming lectures and workshops and past events. 

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