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Find Your Voice
Amplify It 

Specializing in Parkinson's and Stroke Care

Aphasia therapy
Voice including LSVT LOUD, SPEAK OUT! and vocal cord dysfunction
Speech including dysarthria and verbal apraxia
Cognition including attention, memory and executive function
Cognitive decline associated with aging
Swallowing difficulty including trismus


Cognitive Consulting to optimize your Cognition in Everyday Life

Dementia Consulting to maximize cognitive performance and stay in your home longer


Aphasia Conversation Group, a free community service for people living with aphasia. Building language while we build community!

Your Voice Matters

Speech Language and Cognitive Therapy that is Impactful 

At Amplify Speech Therapy, our mission is to empower individuals in finding their voice. Cecelia's dedication to individualization means that the speech therapy services are custom-tailored to address each person's unique communication, voice, cognitive, and swallowing challenges. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation, placing your priorities and those of your family at the forefront. Our approach is centered on achieving the best possible outcomes for you. Collaboration is highly valued, and our clients and their families are involved in every aspect of the treatment plan. 

What does an individualized treatment plan look like for you? How could it make the difference in meeting your  potential? Schedule a free consultation to connect with the speech pathologist and find out.

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Marcia E.

Amplify was a game changer for me. I have new confidence in my voice in a professional setting.


Parkinson's client after 2nd visit

I am feeling encouraged. I didn't think my voice could get better.

Anna Grace

Family member

[He] really values this work and I'm grateful we found you!

For established clients, manage your schedule, pay your bill and send secure messages via the patient portal. 

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