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Life is too short not to be heard

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"I am feeling encouraged. I didn't think my voice could get better." 

T.B. / Parkinson's client after 2nd visit

[He] "really values this work and I'm grateful we found you!"

Anna Grace / Family member

"You were a breath of fresh air."

 L.M. / Stroke client

Language Therapy

Aphasia therapy

Communication after stroke
Word finding problems

Motor Speech Therapy

Slurred speech
Acquired verbal apraxia

Voice Therapy

Hoarse voice
Weak voice

Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD)
LSVT LOUD for Parkinson's

Swallow Therapy

Coughing/choking during meals

Difficulty swallowing pills

Food sticks

Swallow rehabilitation during & after cancer treatment

Cognitive Therapy

Problem solving
Regaining or Maintaining independence  in the home

Your Voice Matters

If you are seeking speech therapy for yourself or a loved one, chances are you are going through a hardship. Everyday communication or simply sitting down to enjoy a meal is something we take for granted until it is no longer simple. It is the goal and mission of Amplify Speech Therapy to meet each individual and their family where they are.  Amplify values a patient-centered approach, which means you always have input in your goals and therapy direction. My philosophy is that therapy should be fun, even if it is hard work!

Amplify Speech Therapy provides home visits and teletherapy. Teletherapy uses secure videoconferencing so that you can stay in the comfort of your home and connect with your speech therapist remotely.

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Providing home visits in the Eugene-Springfield area and teletherapy visits all over Oregon.

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